5 Things to do with Google Voice

  I have used Google Voice since it was an independent company called Grand Central. But this article on MakeUseOf gives me choices of use that I didn’t know about.

The article lists these possibilities:

  1. Blog From Your Phone
  2. Free Calls and Texts To Canada
  3. Free Calls From Your Browser
  4. Combine Google Voice and Skype
  5. Add a Voicemail Feature To Your Blog

Then as a bonus there is a link to a 2010 article that provides additional tricks:

  1. Integrating Google Voice for all mobile calls
  2. Listening in to your voicemail in real time
  3. Automatic transcriptions of all voice mails
  4. Recording phone calls
  5. Custom greetings for different groups of people

Most of the second group I either use regularly or I knew about, just don’t need.

See the article here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-awesome-google-voice/

BTW – check out the site itself, there are a number of possible meeting topics here.

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