Wikipedia needs SOPA and PIPA?

in Favor of SOPA and PIPA? Well, you thought we were done with Facebook, LinkedIN, Citi Bank, … ??? Well, not done yet. Cybercrime is relentless — it doesn’t stop, it never rests. Here’s yet another example of why we need accountability and stern control of the web, DNS, and IP systems … this time, it’s Wikipedia the scapegoat, and the cybercriminals out to get you

This is yet another excellent example of how a completely “free” internet can be exploited to the benefit of cybercrime. And, you can thank the Clinton Administration — whithout whom this would NOT have been possible :

Rogue Registrars in UK

Since anyone can buy a domain for a few dollars, all online, and nobody is administrating the WhoIS for reliability and accuracy, these criminals can obtain the domain from UK2 Group Limited. They look innocent enough, but why didn’t they validate their WhoIS? Are they in on the cybercrime? We don’t know. Since anyone can set up shop on most any server in the world, the Russians (or Chinese) set up shop on this (Chinese) IP address, but set their NS servers for ones in Russia. The criminals can do this on the fly — because nobody is regulating the DNS system. Thank you Bill and AlGore for handing over the InterNIC and WhoIS to an international band of unvalidated individuals outside U.S. soil.

As I’ve been shouting since 1999, the internet MUST obtain self-regulation and accountability. If it fails, then some other entity will do it for you. And that’s either the good guys or the bad guys. It’s YOUR decision. And at the risk of relentless comment spammers, I’ll leave the comments turned on in hopes we get at least ONE intelligent comment to this issue.

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