Verizon Wireless Attack

in Favor of SOPA and PIPA? Here we go again! Darn, how much proof do you people need??? This time it’s not just Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, AOL, Boing Boing — but rather one of those publically listed against “SOPA” and “PIPA” legislations — who owns a rogue registrar of the domain eminating this actual attack! How much proof do you need?

There two of these in the spam traps just now. These, seeming to be from two different domains, but linked back to It’s easy to see why they would be against “SOPA” and “PIPA” legislations — how many unaware Verizon users do you think will click on these links??? Could represent millions of bucks in the cybercrooks pockets

Here are two screen captures:

alert for Verizon Wireless users

Note those are NOT Verizon links!

So if you saw my last alert for Facebook and LinkedIn users, you know the drill. And, bonus … as I’m writing this — ANOTHER has now arrived in the spam traps! We really don’t know where the money trail leads on this one, because it’s guarded by WhoisGuard. Here’s the DNS TOOLS dossier on just one of those attacks:

Domain name:
Registration Service Provided By:
Registrant Contact:
   WhoisGuard Protected

Here’s the dossier on this criminal. Notice it cannot parse the actual WhoIS for the cybercriminals.

For Verizon Wireless users : DO NOT CLICK this link … one of these has already been pulled, so by the time you read this they all may be blocked — Spamcop and Verizon act fast, and hosts Media Temple, and NetEarth One (the other host in Australia) clamp down of cyber fraud and cyber attacks.

As I’ve been shouting since 1999, the internet MUST obtain self-regulation and accountability. If it fails, then some other entity will do it for you. And that’s either the good guys or the bad guys. It’s YOUR decision. And at the risk of relentless comment spammers, I’ll leave the comments turned on in hopes we get at least ONE intelligent comment to this issue.

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And …thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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