TUMS – Refresh Part 2

As you may recall, I mentioned last week that we are trying to revive the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society.  I asks for suggestions and got the following reply from Philip Davis of Ocala MUG.  

Things that we are doing with Ocala MUG:

  1. Keep our website current and informative
  2. Publish a high quality newsletter that is available to anyone to download (get from the web site)
  3. Publish club meeting info on our local newspaper website
  4. Start a monthly workshop that is geared to beginning users
  5. Publish meeting topics at least 6 months in advance
  6. Publish notes and links after each meeting
  7. Have a regular “tech tip” section at each meeting
  8. Have periodic meetings dedicated to an open Q&A session
  9. Publish a Tech Blog w/tips and news using WordPress
  10. Provide club business cards w/info and web address that members hand out at every opportunity

Also in process:

  • Add a forum to website to allow members to ask questions and interact more easily
  • Conduct an open meeting on “Introduction to the Mac” at our local college

My response by matching numbers:

  1. Currently developing a website for TUMS in WordPress.   Once I receive an Adsense check, I am going to apply it to wordpress.org so that we can run ads on it.  (Currently learning on wordpress.com)  You’re site looks very clean and interesting.  I like the months workshops.  PortlandMUG has been doing (or did, not sure of current status), a series of 8 workshops spread over 2 months.  I would like to do something similar.
  2. Want to publish newsletter on web site as well, but need to find a editor/publisher.   (Do want to distribute UGAB discounts)
  3. Good idea will need to find out if Tulsa World has a calendar.
  4. I am planing on restarting “Appleseeds” which was aimed at beginners 1 hour before regular meeting.  It was also attended by many old timers.  Probably start this fall if we can get the extended hours at the library.
  5. Working on getting meeting topics posted 6 months in advance.  Currently missing 3 of the next 8 months.  (see: http://tulsamug.wordpress.com)
  6. (Meeting notes) Also good idea, hadn’t thought about it, but makes sense.
  7. (Tech Tip)  Also good, at one group I attended we had “Random Access” period where tips and rumors were discussed.  Usually about 15 minutes.
  8. In the past I have used Q&A, Stump the Experts and Panel of guests with Favorite Utilities as backup topics.
  9. Been thinking about something with tips and news for web site.  Perhaps borrowing some things from UGNN.
  10. (Business cards)  I have seen this in the past, perhaps with a 6 month calendar on the back.

As to the last two items, they sound great.  Not sure that I can personally do the meeting at the college, but perhaps one of the other people could do it.  The forum idea is perfect.

Then his follow-up responses:  (Number by his response and do not all follow the numbering above, as not all items were commented on again.)

  1. Our website is currently a combination of hand-coded (HTML5/CSS3) and a WordPress tech blog.  It is hosted on A2hosting.  We also have used Luarpages hosting – both companies are great.  We use a private googlegroup for communication between our board members and will either add another group or use bbPress for our members to post questions and discussions.  I’m in the process of migrating the site to a new framework that is responsive to the client.  (looks good on any size device)  The workshops are well received but very time consuming to prepare.
  2. (Newsletter)  We are lucky to have a member who does this professionally. Does an outstanding job! We publish the UGAB discount offers in a password protected page on the WordPress site (very easy to do and manage.)
  3. Would be interested in learning more about Appleseeds
  4. (Publishing Topics)  The easy part is publishing.  The hard part is finding presenters <grin>  Your schedule looks good.
  5. (Meeting Notes)  This is easy to do and reduces the need to provide paper notes to meeting attendees or asking them to write things down.  A neighboring club is thinking of using a Wiki to let members add to the notes – this could make them more useful.  I may try this.
  6. (Standby topics)  #2 & #3 as good fall-backs. Often our #1 turns into a “stump the experts!”
  7. (College presentation)  Our local college has an excellent continuing education program for people over 50, so I’m using this as the venue for the presentation.  Also I can relate to newbies or potential Apple users since I’m a fairly recent switcher.  This works well since many (or most of our club members are in the same category.

Doesn’t he provide us with a lot of good ideas?  I am looking forward to trying them out.  The difficult part for me will be to find people to help with the ideas.  If anyone reading this is near Tulsa I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading and please add comments.

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