Restarting MUG – Part 1

In Tulsa we are starting a renewal effort for the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society.  The groups has fallen on rough times and currently attendance is normally less than 6 people.  I was thinking that perhaps we can share what we are doing and ask for advice as well.

Here are steps we have taken to begin the climb back to active status.

  1. Making topic list for the next 6 months, so that individuals can make plans to be there and provide feedback on what they feel is appropriate.
  2. Sent out email to most recent list of members to let them know what is happening.  This not only showed the tentative schedule, but asked for their help in recreating the MUG experience that they had in the past.

Steps planned in the near future.

  1. Create a Facebook group so that we are where the membership is spending its time.
  2. Updating information with UGAB so that those links work.
  3. Recreate website in WordPress to make it not only up-to-date, but provide the ability for interactivity.
  4. Looking for other publicity possibilities.

We are continuing meeting on the date that the group had selected a few months ago, and at the location they have been using.  I feel that changing those things right away just makes it more difficult to bring members back who have gotten used to the date, time and location.

I am planning on reporting here as we make progress to let you know how it goes.  I am also open to suggestions on anything that you feel might be appropriate.  Groups that are not as small as we can probably use the suggestions to improve what they are doing as well.

Current (old) web site:

Temporary WordPress site:

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