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BYOD: iPads, Security and the Latest Trends In businesses today, there is a lot of talk about IT transformation. After all, IT can be the foundation of your business, and a good transformation strategy could work wonders for your organization overall. In this week’s Global Roundup newsletter, they’ve got analyst reports from IDC and Accenture on transformation strategies, and you can visit the new IT transformation zone to read the latest trends and access more resources such as white papers, videos and blogs on the subject.

Visit IDG New Zone for IT Transformation Resources

In a recent research study, researchers found that a massive 61% of companies questioned already had an IT transformation strategy in place, with a further 32% of respondents planning IT transformation in the next 12 months. With all of this interest, it’s useful to have some resources to help you on your journey to a new IT infrastructure. Visit the new IT transformation zone to find lots more research, white papers, videos, and a weekly blog.
IT Transformation Resources

Find Out What the Future Holds for IT

Many organizations are undertaking IT transformation initiatives in order to overcome the challenges of modern businesses. This report shows how businesses are taking advantage of technology in new ways. Discover a framework for effective IT transformation and read how businesses are making changes already.
From Vision to Results: Attaining High Performance Through IT Transformation
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Read IDC’s Tips for a Holistic Approach

As with any business initiative, there are a number of ways to approach the task of IT transformation. This white paper, from leading analyst IDC, sets out a holistic approach to IT transformation. Read about today’s evolving data center, and discover the importance of taking an integrated, holistic view of your IT services for the future.
IT Transformation: Extending Value with Holistic Services
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