iCloud Switch – Free Snow Leopard

Time is getting short. At the end of June, MobileMe will be gone. In the mean time it is important to make the switch to iCloud.

If you make the switch, not only do you get to keep your MobileMe address, so does your family members if you had a family account. Additionally, you get to keep the 20 GB of storage space instead of being reduced to 5 GB as most iCloud users.

However, changes are being made.

  1. Some MobileMe features will no longer be supported.
  2. Websites will not be supported.  (iWeb)
  3. Gallery (photos) will not be supported.
  4. iDisk will not be supported.
  5. Dashboard Widgets, Dock Items, Keychain, Mac OS X Preferences syncing, Mail Accounts, Mail Rules, Signatures, and Smart Mailboxes will not be synced via iCloud
  6. Third party applications that utilize OS X sync services to sync data across Macs are not supported.
  7. The Backup App will not be supported for backing up a Mac.

Any data associated with these items must be removed to your local computer before June 30.

The other major hangup is that on the Mac, iCloud requires Mac OS X Lion.  In order to get Lion, you must be able to access the Mac App Store.  That is only available to users of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8).  If you are not currently running Snow Leopard, you must get it to get Lion.

According to macgasm.net, Apple has been sending out emails that offer free copy of Snow Leopard to MobileMe members.  This is only available to those individuals, but is only usable if you have an Intel machine, since neither Snow Leopard or Lion will run on PowerPC computers.  If you do apply for the copy, you will have a DVD mailed to you, so do it soon.

Further details including the link provided in the email are available at:

Or go directly to MobileMe at:


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