BEWARE: World’s most dangerous hosts

cookie stalkers are after YOU Safenetting has been sending you insights into the effects of cybercrime attacks on the internet population — but we’ve done so in very pointed, specific instances. Now, the folks at HostExploit have posted their Q1 2012 report on the “Top 50 Bad Hosts and Networks” — download and read this free report, and you’ll get the ‘big picture’ of how bad it really is.

HostExploit’s latest report features an in-depth analysis of malicious activity on the servers of the two hosting providers named in legal documents supporting the recent Microsoft-led raid.

The overall #1 Bad Host title for this quarter is a hosting provider based in Poland – AS16138 INTERIA – with extremely high levels of Infected websites.

the top ten bad hosts in the world

HostExploit analyzed all 40,000+ publicly-advertised Autonomous Systems (including web hosts, commercial networks and registrars) with the results represented in a number of ways.

Elsewhere, HostExploit is proud to announce the arrival of a new tool that we have been working on for some time with our community partners – the Global Security Map. This is to be released in conjunction with the new World Cybercrime Report later in April, with APWG at CeCOS VI in Prague.

GO Global Security Map

Both English and Russian versions of the report are available to download now.
GO Download report (English)
GO Download report (Russian)

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