BYOD: iPads, Security and the Latest Trends

BYOD: iPads, Security and the Latest Trends With the incredible popularity of tablets and smartphones, organizations all around the world are preparing to allow employees to use their own devices in the workplace. But what are the issues surrounding this bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment? Read on to learn if BYOD has a place from our latest blog, check out the latest trends, and see how you can tackle the most pressing concern :: security.

The BYOD revolution

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The BYOD revolution is in full swing, with organizations jumping at the chance to allow employee-owned devices to be used for work purposes. But as with any technology, there are issues that every organization needs to consider. In this blog post, Brandon Faber asks two key questions about BYOD: does it have a realistic place in today’s tightly governed organizations? And will BYOD really help you save money? Read the blog to find out.
The BYOD revolution

Get up-to-Date with BYOD Trends

You may have heard all the buzz surrounding BYOD, but who has actually gone as far as implementing an official program? This March 2012 report reveals the current popularity and current practices of the BYOD programs in place today. It also identifies the drivers behind BYOD and explores the employee satisfaction experienced in existing deployments. Click now to download the full report.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Hot or Not?
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Make Sure Your Network is Safe for Mobile Devices

The proliferation of iPads and other tablets has surprised many in the enterprise, particularly IT security organizations. They have had to respond swiftly to address the wave of devices entering the enterprise in order to create BYOD strategy. This white paper describes, from an IT perspective, the security issues that arise when allowing personal iPads into the network and the steps that need to be taken to maintain control. Read about the security considerations, risk mitigation options and the architecture required to support mobile devices accessing sensitive enterprise data.
Delivering Corporate Data Securely on Employee iPads
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