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BizCard for iPhone & iPad

pic Our new iPhone & iPad apps are available on the App Store now. BizCard for iPhone and iPad is the best way to share and store your business cards. Printed business cards are a thing of the past.   Continue reading »

Dream Sleuth

pic Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer, has announced the release of Dream Sleuth on the Mac App Store. Dream Sleuth is a hidden object game with the puzzles and original mini-games.   Continue reading »

Worst Company in America 2012

The CONSUMERIST has been running a contest to discover the worst company in America by paring 32 companies and requesting readers to vote on which is the worst. The chart of contest resembles the NCAA basketball parings for March madness. Continue reading »

“Do Not Track” privacy protection?

The New York Times reported that Google, Facebook and others who track consumers behavior on the Internet say they want a Do Not Track policy options should be created through an “open and transparent” process, BUT “If this process takes the form of public discussion, industry participants will be looking over their shoulders or sitting on their hands instead of offering bold ideas for workable solutions.”  So, open but not open to the public.

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5 Apps for Working From the iPad

This article appears on the ReadWriteWeb website.  The article starts:  “Let’s be real about this. You can’t do everything on an iPad. As Shawn Blanc pointed out the other day, you can’t make iOS apps on it, for example. But you might be surprised by how much real work you can do on it with the right tools. If your work requires generally office-like capabilities, there are definitely iPad solutions.”

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iSyslog HD

The Gamma Project has announced their newest app, iSyslog HD, the iPad version of iSyslog, their popular monitoring and reporting tool. iSyslog HD is a tool for users and professionals interested in the overall health of the apps and processes running on their iPads. Polished and easy-to-use, the app helps both end users and experts to check out what’s going on under the hood on their device; one can easily detect bugs, analyze apps’ sanity and report issues – without having to be an iOS expert.   Continue reading »

Endless War for iOS

pic Omnitel Inc’s new Endless War is a space shooter “bullet hell” title that is aimed at casual players and more experienced gamers alike. With fifteen challenging stages, an impressive arsenal, and numerous upgrades and enhancements available, Endless War promises to be an adrenaline-charged joyride for iOS shooting game fans. Continue reading »

The Tough Side of Social Media: Understand the Risks

The Tough Side of Social Media: Understand the Business Risks We’re sure you’ve all heard of the benefits of using social media in your business, and if you don’t already have a social media strategy, you may be planning one. But is becoming a social business as easy as it looks, and are there any risks?

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Why Apple’s Personal Assistant isn’t on the iPad (Yet)

Debunking Free Antivirus Myths Bestselling author and blogger Erica Sadun explains why there are some good technical reasons preventing Apple from bringing Siri to the iPad without some fundamental development work.

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The Cyber Threat

FBI Crushes cyber crime ring Shawn Henry realized a lifelong dream when he became a special agent in 1989. Since that time he has traveled the world for investigations and become one of the FBI’s most senior executives and its top official on cyber crime. recently sat down with Henry — who is about to retire from the Bureau — to talk about the cyber threat and his FBI career.

Part 1: On the Front Lines with Shawn Henry

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March Learning Education Games for Kids

Games InfoManager ... Educational games for kids

GAMES InfoManager The fun and learning continues with this week’s best games for kids — focusing on education. Folks, please send in your feedback if you find these useful, or if you discover new games for our readers. And, as always, ALL games on any device are much more meaningful to the kids when the parents play along too!
* Science Apps for Middle School students
* KidsJobs: Multi-Sensory Learning Game
* The Little Fox Music Box makes noise
* Biscuit’s Birthday Storybook App
* The fun way to Learn Geography
* Speak Colors HD
. . . and more!

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iPhone InfoManager April

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers As if you were just getting used to your new iPhone 4S, now you need to start warming up for the iPhone 5 …
* Apple iPhone users consume less data than Android users
* iPhone 5 Will Not Feature Rumored 4.6-inch Display
* iPhone Outsells BlackBerry in RIM’s Home Country
* iPhone rumor: Autumn, LTE, new dock plug
* 15 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone
* Why the Next iPhone Won’t Be Huge
* Apple iPhone 5 Release Date
* What’s coming on iPhone 5?
and more…

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Portfolio for iPad 2.0

 Portfolio for iPad 2.0 Portfolio for iPad is a popular media presentation app on the iPad. Version 2.0 brings greatly enhanced organization and presentation support, now supporting both nested galleries and a more streamlined presentation.

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EditShare Collaborative Storage Systems

 EditShare Collaborative Storage Systems EditShare has announced that their collaborative storage products – XStream, Energy and Metro – now provide complete compatibility with Avid Technology’s new 64-bit systems, Media Composer and Symphony v6.0 as well as NewsCutter v10.0.

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Clips FX for iMovie – A helper app for iMovie

 Clips FX for iMovie - A helper app for iMovie Mosa Motion Graphics today is thrilled to announce Clips FX for iMovie 1.0 was just released in the Mac App Store. This program is a helper application that sits atop iMovie and dispenses motion graphics clips directly into iMovie events. It also works with Final Cut Pro, FCPX and Final Cut Express.

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