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Don’t Mess with GPS!

Do you use the GPS? Do you use GPS on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device? Do you rely on GPS in your vehicle for directions? Do you navigate your boat with GPS? If yes to any of these questions, then this message is important to you!

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Nomophobia: the fear of being without your phone

How do you feel when you first realize you’ve left your cell phone behind. Is there a sudden strike of fear? Are you striken that you’ve lost it, or it has been stolen? You could have nomophobia.  66% of the population suffer from Nomophobia the fear of being without their phone

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Google’s new privacy policy

They thought the face on the screen was Microsoft … they were wrong!  Adam Bunn, SEO Director, Greenlight comments on Google’s new privacy policy – Likely the most transparent it has been from a search engine optimisation perspective

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GIMP for Absolute Beginners

Introducing GIMP for Absolute Beginners –the only true beginner’s guide on the market for open source graphics and digital imaging! Continue reading »

MakeMyMusic 2.0

ugnn Tekton Technologies has released MakeMyMusic 2.0, an enhanced version of their popular music app for iOS devices. Make My Music 2.0 creates automatic personalized music play lists from your entire library so that you can listen to the tracks the way you like them, without having to manage play lists. It features an innovative way of creating personalized music that enriches your listening experience. It plays the music you want, the way you want it, any time you choose.   Continue reading »

2011 Apple iOS sales > than All Mac sales

This is such an amazing statistic that I had to repeat it even though you may have already seen it on your own.
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iPhone Gas Stoves

This is something you probably don’t want to add to your collection of Apple gear.  The Chinese government seized hundred of…

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GoDocs for iPhone/iPad

pic lightroomapps., a burgeoning mobile applications developer focused on designing lifestyle solutions for the iOS platform, has announced the recent update of GoDocs for Google Docs for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.2 or later. GoDocs is a universal productivity solution that gives it’s users practical, streamlined, and perhaps most importantly, fully featured access to their Google Docs accounts from right through their iOS devices. Newly overhauled and enhanced, GoDocs version 2.9.0 offers more productivity features, added functionalities. Numerous minor bugs have been resolved to improve overall app performance. Ostensibly useful, GoDocs for Google Docs version 2.9.0 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $4.99 in the Productivity category.   Continue reading »

A New Life To Your iPhone Photo Library

pic Affective Apps just released Mad Lips version 2.0 with built-in image search. Mad Lips is a free photography app that make pictures come to life by superimposing recordings of moving lips over any image. Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can now send digital singing telegrams or create Annoying Orange style videos in seconds. This is easy do-it-yourself animation that even 5-year olds can master in minutes.  Continue reading »

Remote Captcha for iOS v1.2

pic Just when you thought that there was no more apps to make for the iPhone, Remote Captcha comes in. Originated from a “many users real need”, Remote Captcha was made so the user can leave his computer on, downloading thousands of files from popular file hosting sites, without having to be in front of the computer to enter the CAPTCHAs that jDownloader prompts him. These CAPTCHAs are sent to the user’s iOS device, and get notified through Apple Push Notifications so he can solve it, right there on his iPhone. Downloads continue normally on the user’s computer.   Continue reading »

App Loses Google Connection After AppStore Review

reads aloud web articles saved via Read It LaterSome things go bump in the night that cannot be explained… or that nobody will explain. VoiZapp’s new iOS app Read It Later reads aloud web articles saved in Read It Later, InstaPaper, and Google Reader. It was approved with no issues and released for sale. But NOW, the App Store version does not work with Google accounts. Hmmmmmmmm.

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Dragons Rage 2

Touch Village has announced the release of Dragons Rage 2, a new and improved version of its predecessor. The game will be free and will be available for download in the Apple App Store.   Continue reading »

4 Tips for iBook Authors

Margaret Weigel has written this article for the Huffington Post. Continue reading »

Dig it! Tiny Diggers

A unique and exciting edutainment app for kids hits the iPad and Mac. TouchTilt Games, a young company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, releases an educational game called Tiny Diggers for kids who love construction trucks and getting their hands dirty. Continue reading »

The Evolution of Mac OS

This article and slide shows show iconic parts of Mac OS starting in 1984 through the Mountain Lion announcement.   Continue reading »