ICANN’s threat to internet citizens

Block ICANN new gTLDs - END ICANNOn December 16, 2011, the FTC filed this release, and a letter to ICANN regarding their “Rapid Expansion of Internet Domain Name System.” As this program prepares to launch today, (January 12, 2012) it appears that ICANN is, once again, ignoring common sense and a sincere disregard for doing the right thing. The FTC’s release “FTC Warns That Rapid Expansion of Internet Domain Name System Could Leave Consumers More Vulnerable to Online Fraud” states what is at stake.

So, today, I filed a formal complaint with the FTC against ICANN.

In this lengthy complaint, I expressed :

quoting … this activity must be somehow halted / stopped. ICANN’s “domain tasting” program will allow the cyber crime industry to “kite” tens of thousands of new domains for spoofing, phishing, malware and other criminal acts.
      Their reluctance to SHUT DOWN rogue registrars, and provide real-time, in-time response to complaints all serve to allow online criminal activity to expand — thus benefiting ICANN — without recourse from victims. end quote

Since April of 2011 I have recorded, tracked and databased more than 5,000 complaints against criminal web operations. I can identify where they came from, who sent them, who owns the domains involved, and who provides the registration and web services to allow these activities to continue. All were also reported to SpamCop and were reported to the ISP in charge of hosting the domains. There have been no responses or results for these complaints.

In the cases of shrouded or false WhoIS identity assigned by ICANN, I have gone through ICANN’s own complaint system. NONE have been responded to other than ‘canned’ responses from INTERNIC … which puts the complaint into a 45-day queue, then loops back to the beginning. I have reported thousands of illegal web operations, along with their ISP admin and IP blocks and those rogue operations continue to operate today.

ICANN appears to be above the law, and to be litigation proof. I’ve approached legal advice from attorneys on “computer harassment” charges and all say ICANN is “sue proof” and there’s nothing I can do about it.

NO NEW gTLDs Now, as ICANN prepares to unleash thousands of new dot-names, (gTLDs) we are presented with a greatly expanded threat to honorable web users — and a grave threat to national security.

The FTC is probably the only entity that can remedy this situation, if anyone can. However I suspect that the system has become so glutted with red tape that nothing will be done.

Every decent web citizen should

Every decent web citizen should

BOTH COMPLAINTS should urge the end to Domain Tasting, Front Running and the proliferation of Rogue Registrars.

FTC Warns of Online Fraud The full story: FTC Warns That Rapid Expansion of Internet Domain Name System Could Leave Consumers More Vulnerable to

FTC Warns of Online Fraud http://www.ftc.gov/

Unless you are part of the solution, you are part of the problem. ICANN is not part of the solution.

thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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