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Craigslist results with HD images

Search Craigslist anywhereCraigly is the popular Craigslist multi-location search for iOS. Designed originally for iPhones, Craigly gives users an alternative to Craigslist with multi-location searches, saved searches, search monitors, favorites and posting with images.

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Hacker News Paper debuts in iOS

Hacker News Paper has announced its debut in the iOS App Store. Hacker News Paper is the best way to read Hacker News on an iPad. Because of its custom API and native code base, Hacker News Paper (HNP) gets you to the stories you are interested in quicker than any other iPad app. Continue reading »

View Large Drawings, Blueprints on iPhone

 Views Blueprints or Large Engineering Drawings One big problem of the connected, mobile world is receiving and then viewing large, large documents. I regularly produce files as large as 48 x 36 inches, sending and receiving them for proofing and approval. For many, this problem has been solved.

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From the Frontline – Happy Holidays

Safe Netting with Joe Showker

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report Happy Holidays – The holidays are always a welcome time to socialize, renew friendships and visit others. It’s also a time where kids have a lot of time on their hands and spend that time on social media. It’s a great time to have a discussion with you family about safe netting and over use of digital devices… (we’re talking about that “get a life” discussion when too much time is spent online, gaming or just peering at that small cellphone screen.)

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Yellow Submarine Book Set Sail

Magic Mails

I got this advertisement from Equinux about their templates for Mail on the iPad. They are offering it free until the end of the year.
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Neu 1.2 for Mac OS X

Elegant Chaos has announced Neu 1.2 for Mac OS X, an update to their file making utility. Neu is a simple application that makes it easier to create new documents in the Finder, without you having to open an application first. It does this by adding menus and global keyboard shortcuts that can be triggered from the Finder (or any other application), which allow you to choose a template to copy. The templates can contain substitutions which are filled in when you make the new document. Continue reading »

Prosoft Engineering, Inc.

Prosoft Engineering, Inc. is joining the Vendor Resource Center. They support Macs and Windows machines.
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The Secrets of Steve Jobs & Apple

As we come to the end of 2011, the folks at IDG Connect have been looking back at the biggest tech stories of the year here at IDG Connect. Without a doubt, the news story that captured the most mainstream attention across the world was the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on October 5th.

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QuNeo for DJs, VJs, & Electronic Musicians

Keith McMillen Instruments, a developer of innovative hardware and software technology that connects people to their computers, has rolled out the next generation of music software and hardware controllers for electronic musicians, DJs, VJs and DIY hackers, the QuNeo 3D Multi-Touch Controller.

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The world’s first digital golf glove

Sensosolutions is a developer of systems for sports analysis, motion and performance measurement — who else is better suited to develop ‘SensoGlove’, the world’s first digital golf glove. Continue reading »


iBrightness is now available on the Mac App Store, and is targeted at filling the gap for one of the most basic features that should have been built-in to each MacBook that Apple sells. Continue reading »

Smart Image Converter

pic Appsoft Studio developer team has introduced a new App – Smart Image Converter – for converting, resizing, renaming and organizing the images and photos on your Mac. The App converts images and photos to the most popular PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF file formats in a fast and convenient way. It changes the file names and the size of images in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, the App easily converts hundreds of photos just by one click. Continue reading »

Your chance to fix Internet policy now!

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard and improve Internet security. The Domain Name Registrars and ICANN have failed to implement previously agreed upon law enforcement provisions to their contracts which improve accountability and help stop cybercriminals(1 ). Wednesday December 14

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Safenetting Holidays

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report By now, you’re probably finished with Christmas and working on the new year. Well, the cyber crime industry has not finished with YOU … Here are the headlines:
* Suspension of Disbelief: magicians’ friends targeted by phishing scam
* Sophos: most USB sticks lost on the subway are swimming in malware
* New zero-day vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash Player
* Malware Programs Stuxnet and Conficker Interlinked
* Who would believe this is from Bank of America?
* Anti-spam law doesn’t seem to have an impact
* Hitting ‘reply’ to a spammer can cost you
* CyberThieves Market Fake Win 7 Security
* Student phishing scam: Two remanded
* G Data Internet Security 2012
. . . and more!

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