VRC – Binary Formations

This is one of the newer vendors in the Macintosh community, since it was established in 2005. Its products are aimed at the consumer, not businesses, so I think that many MUG members would be interested in the Home Inventory and the one for those wanting to quit smoking. Check out the listing below, try them out and hopefully you will recommend them to your membership.

Company Name: Binary Formations
Contact Info:
Name of contact: Diane Hamilton
Home Inventory The full featured, Home inventory management application for the Mac.
Home Inventory
Photo Remote
A free companion app for the iPhone iPad and iPod touch, that works with Home Inventory on the Mac to remotely add items to an inventory.
Home Inventory Mobile Backup A free companion app for the iPHone, iPad and iPod touch that works with Home Inventory on the Mac to remotely backup and view and inventory.
Adam Learns Shapes and Colors An educational game for the iPad that helps teach children basic shapes and colors.
Kick the Habit A free app for the iPhone and iPod touch designed to help people quit smoking.
Presentation Availability:
In Person: When other business takes them to the area. (Also Northern Virginia and DC within easy reach of Richmond office.)
Electronic Means: Skype or iChat
Offers to groups: Discounts available to user group members 30 days after presentation. Limited number of licenses for door prizes, giveaways, and fundraising activities.
Home Inventory
Adam Learns Shapes and Colors
Kick the Habit

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