iOS 5: Complete LIst of 200+ New Features

At the June 6 WWDC, Apple gave us 20 new features for iOS 5. But there were over 200 new features promised. I know I couldn’t come close to naming them. This article on TechZoom started listing them on June 8th. Now they have a list of 248 features plus 16 updates although not all of the updates apply to iOS 5.

Of course, we know of most of the first 20 or so features:
Notification Center, Lock screen notifications, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter intergrations, AirPlay Mirroring, iCloud.

Others might not be so well known, for example:

#18 Swipe Left to open camera roll,
#24 Organize photos within Camera Roll
#29 Private Browsing
#38 Rich Text Formating for
#42 Improved mail search
#74 Alternate routes in Maps
#77 Auto Dowload in background
#89 Speak Text based on selection
#114 Unknown Caller details: When received a call from number that is not on contacts – the display also shows city name associated with the area code.
#131 Folders for Mail
#143 New voices for Voice-Over

See the web site for more details and the complete list at:

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