MUG Tributes

Of course, we have all been touched by Steve Jobs and the work he has done at Apple and Pixar. Here are a some MUG web sites that pay tribute to him.

Apple Corp of Dallas:
Apple Pie User Group of Southeast Michigan:
Arcadia Area Apple UG:
Arizona Final Cut Pro User Group:
Atlantic City Area MUG:

Boston Final Cut Pro UG:

Call A.P.P.L.E.
Capital MUG:
Central Illinois Apple and Macintosh UG:
Central Wisconsin Apple User Group:
CocoaCoder Austin:
Colorado MUG:
Connecticut Macintosh Connection:
Cumberland Valley Apple UG:

Des Moines MUG:
DuPage Apple UG:

Great Albany AppleByters:

Honolulu Macintosh & Apple Users Society:

Illinois MUG:

Keystone MacCentral:

Louisiana Cajun Cutters:

MacGroup Dayton:
MacGroup Detroit:
Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY:

National Capital Apple MUG:
North Pittsburg MUG:

Oregon MacPioneers User Group:

Portland MUG:

Little Rock Apple Computer Users Group:
Long Island MUG:

The Macintosh Guild:
Maryland Apple Corps:

Northwest of Us:

Ocala MUG:

Palm Beach Phoenix Apple UG:

San Gabriel Valley MUG:
Saint Augustine MUG:
Sarasota/Manatee MUG:
Sonoma Valley Computer Group:
South Suburban MUG:

Triangle MUG:
Tucson Final Cut Pro User Group:
The Villages MUG:

As based on the National Capital Apple MUG site listed above: Steve, iThankYou.

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