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UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers I guess you already read about history repeating itself … another iPhone prototype disappears in a bar! But five is just around the corner, so the news is heating up — again
* iPhone 5 Q&A: release date to specs to Sprint+Verizon, top 5 answers
* Apple Agents Posed as Police in Quest for Prototype iPhone
* iPhone 5 Case Suggests Wider, Taller Smartphone
* 10 iPhone, iPad Apps You Need to Be Productive
* iPhone 5 lost in bar — or just a stunt?
* How the iPhone crippled T-Mobile
* How To Find Your Lost iPhone
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iPhone 5 lost in bar — or just a stunt?

Apple is said to have lost another iPhone field-test unit in a bar. And so the Web goes into “iPhone 5 release date” overdrive. This time, the portable prototype was left in a San Francisco watering-hole by an errant employee, who is presumably seeking a new position as we speak.
      However, there do seem to be some holes in the story. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers smell a rat.
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Apple Agents Posed as Police in Quest for Prototype iPhone

The deja-vu details of a story from the strange-but-true department: Another highly-prized iPhone prototype reportedly disappeared at an upscale San Francisco bar, just like last year
      The story got stranger Friday as reports suggest Apple investigators searching for the missing iPhone may have masqueraded as cops.
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How To Find Your Lost iPhone

Lost your iPod, iPad, or iPod Touch? Take a breath. If you have another iOS device handy, there’s a good chance Apple’s free Find My iPhone app can help.
      Find My iPhone can locate any other iOS device from another or the Web. It can even give you remote control of the missing device; that way you can protect it by locking it or, if sensitive info is at stake, wipe its data. Find My iPhone works with the iPad and iPod Touch, too, despite the iPhone name.
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iPhone 5 Q&A: release date, specs, Sprint+Verizon, top 5 answers

The iPhone 5 is still more about questions than answers: its release date is up in the air. Its specs are mostly unknown. Carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile are circling the iPhone 5 wagon without letting on the real story, even as Verizon settles in. And that supposed iPhone 5 unit found the other day in San Francisco appears to have never existed.
      So much for getting hints the unofficial way. But cold hard logic dictates that far more is knowable about the iPhone 5 through simple deduction than any leaked unit or specs would let on anyway. From carriers to specs and more, here’s a Q&A of the top five issues surrounding the upcoming iPhone 5.
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iPhone 5 Case Suggests Wider, Taller Smartphone

… so how about another iPhone 5 rumor? This time around, we’re looking at an alleged iPhone 5 case that makes it look like the next-gen Apple smartphone will be wider and taller.
      Italian blog Macitynet.it has posted a photo gallery of a case that it says will fit the iPhone 5. The blog took comparison shots with the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch, both of which fit into the case with plenty of extra room, suggesting the iPhone 5 will be wider and taller than the current devices. Pictures here : http://www.macitynet.it/immagini/test/iphone5cover/index.shtml
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10 iPhone, iPad Apps You Need to Be Productive

We’re taking a look into the Apple App Store to check out the latest and greatest in productivity applications for your iPhone or iPad tablet. The developers working on these applications run the gamut from daily organizers to PC monitors. Best of all, many of these applications are free or $1.99, meaning you can keep yourself organized and productive without breaking the bank.
      If you’re looking to spend a little more, however, you can get applications like Pages, which lets you create, edit and view documents wherever you are; you’re sure to find something that gives your day more bang for the buck.
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How the iPhone crippled T-Mobile

The Justice Department is suing to prevent AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, saying the deal would raise prices and not help customers, despite AT&T’s claims it would improve service by giving it more spectrum to deploy for 4G and 3G services.
      Regardless of the larger issues, the immediate result of the federal action is to kill — or at least significantly delay — the buyout of T-Mobile by AT&T. T-Mobile customers can breathe a sigh of relief, as they’re less likely to be absorbed into AT&T’s world of bad service.
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