Make iCal Look the Way it Did Before Lion

This article from the Cult of Macintosh shows how to return iCal to the “paper” calendar that Apple used in Mac OS X up until Lion.

It says: “In OS X Lion, Apple redesigned iCal with a new faux leather look that resembles a physical calendar binding. This type of design choice is called “skeuomorphic,” because it was, “deliberately employed to make the new look comfortably old and familiar.” Lion’s version of iCal takes the old look and feel of a physical calendar and ports that to a virtual application.

While some may like the new look of iCal in Lion, many have raised complaints. If you’d like to make iCal look like it did in Snow Leopard, we’ve got just the trick to return iCal back to its monochromatic glory.”

So get the details here:

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