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Fast and Easy Groove Creation

 Fast and Easy Groove Creation Frontier Design Group have rolled out BeatStudio v1.1 featuring two new Free Sample Packs of sounds designed to create drum and percussion tracks on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch the fast, easy, and fun way. You remember Frontier as creators of music apps GuitarStudio and iShred.

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Hindsight Software for the Apple User

 Hindsight Software for the Apple User Independent software developer Richard Ebbs has introduced IfOnly 1.0, app for iPhone. Had the people who bought the original MacIntosh 512K when it was released in January of 1984 also spent the same amount of money on Apple stocks, those stocks would now be worth well over $347,000 dollars. Wow! The Apple IPO was in December 1980 and at a split-adjusted price of $2.75. It’s now hovering around $400.

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Free Popular Study App

SimpleLeap Software has announced that they are giving away their popular flash card and multiple-choice test study app for free to students heading back to school. Cram – Flashcards and Multiple Choice Study Tool for Mac usually retails at $24.99 and Cram for iPhone/iPod touch usually retails for $3.99 in the App Store. Continue reading »

Handy tips and tricks for OS X Lion

This article is on the TNW (The Next Web) site, in the Apple section.

It starts with: “The general consensus on the Internet is that OS X Lion is pretty sweet, and that may be obvious because over 1 Million of you already downloaded it. There are however a few if not a lot of you complaining about minor issues and I have to agree, there are a couple of things that just feel buggy or unfinished. It could be that those issues take a little getting used to or that they are just plain annoying.” Continue reading »

Make iCal Look the Way it Did Before Lion

This article from the Cult of Macintosh shows how to return iCal to the “paper” calendar that Apple used in Mac OS X up until Lion. Continue reading »

Nektony Disk Inspector

pic Nektony delivers aid to Macintosh users upgrading to the latest Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) with the help of its Nektony Disk Inspector software. Disk Inspector is a fast, intuitive and efficient disk space visual analysis tool. The program scans any supported drive and generates a chart representing the file system. Continue reading »

iSubtitle 2.5.3

iSubtitle allows you to create soft subtitled movies for your iOS devices iTunes or any QuickTime based players or apps.
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Home Concert Xtreme 2.2

pic Zenph Sound Innovations Inc. has announced the release of Home Concert Xtreme 2.2 for iPad. The app is available for a special introductory price of $9.99 until July 31. The app brings a previously unseen level of rich functionality to music apps on the iOS platform. Zenph Sound Innovations Inc. is a Research Triangle-based music technology startup. The company recently launched Home Concert Xtreme, a unique MIDI application for the iPad, available from the iTunes app store. The app is available for a special introductory price of $9.99 until July 31. Continue reading »

Avadon: The Black Fortress HD Updated

pic Spiderweb Software, Inc. has announced the release of a new update for Avadon: The Black Fortress HD, their Indie fantasy role-playing epic for the iPad. Avadon spent over a week as the #1 selling role-playing game, and the new v1.0.1 release contains new features and bug fixes to help your warriors on their journey! Continue reading »

Audiostar Multitrack Recorder

pic Now you can customize your background image in the iPhone app Audiostar Multitrack Recording Mixer with one of the included pictures or one of your own from your photo albums.

Powerful multitrack digital recording mixer. Great for laying down vocal and instrument tracks, capturing sound effects, recording practice sessions, and more! Continue reading »

Disk Order v 3.2

pic LikeMac Group has updated Disk Orderto v.3.2, its double-pane file manager for Mac OS X. This release makes it Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatible and adds several usable features.
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16 Insights From Steve Jobs

This article at has a full title of 16 Brilliant Insights from Steve Jobs Keynote Circa 1997. Continue reading »

Shopping List PRO

pic KenigArt has announced the release of Shopping List PRO 1.0, their new productivity application for iOS devices. Serious Shopping the easy way. With Shopping List PRO you can save time and money. Fill a shopping list at home and buy at the store only what you really need. Limit your unnecessary purchases and save money with this time-saving app. Shopping list PRO main features: Continue reading »

1107 Apple update

Interesting news, views and rumors from AppleInteresting news, views and rumors from Apple through the looking glass of the world … this edition includes :
# Zuckerberg, um, is, uh, no Steve Jobs on the podium
# Computer ‘maniac’ to sue Apple over phone privacy
# ITC says HTC violating two of Apple’s patents
# Apple Soars to Third Place in US PC Market
# Apple orders 25M iPhone 5 units
# Apple Readies New iPhone
… and more!

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Infomanager Games that teach

GAMES for children -- from the Games Infomanager

GAMES InfoManager In this issue of Games Infomanager we’re having a real ball with games meant to teach — children of all ages . . .
* Blue Hat, Green Hat
* Keep Your Kids Math Skills Sharp
* Duck Duck Moose Musical Me!
* Bring out your children’s artistic side
* 3 Dollars from a 1 Dollar . . . and more

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