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UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers We haven’t done an iPhone update since March, simply because it is such a ubiquitous product. But now the rumor mills are ramping up for WWDC and things are getting hot…
[] Teen Sued By Apple For Selling White iPhone Kits
[] White iPhone 4 vs. Black iPhone 4
[] US Senator Demands Privacy Policies for Smartphone
[] The Mythical iPhone “4S”, and iOS 5
[] iPhone 4 Encryption Remains Uncracked, but Password Keys Easy
[] How to Protect Your iPhone
[] Pioneer’s ‘AppRadio’ Coming
[] WWDC ramp up after Google Wallet unveil
[] Is Apple Losing Momentum?
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Teen Sued By Apple For Selling White iPhone Kits

Fei Lam, the Queens teen who, for a short while, was making up to $8,000 a day selling kits to make white iPhones, was shut down after Apple found out.
      Apple apparently filed–and dropped–a lawsuit against the teen. Fast Company interviewed Lam to find out what he’s up to these days, while not battling the Apple legal machine. Apparently, Lam did not find out about the lawsuit straight from Apple.
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White iPhone 4 vs. Black iPhone 4

According to our tests for image- and video-quality, the white iPhone 4 and black iPhone 4 shoot different(ly). Take a look at our test shots and see for yourself.
      Apple never released an official statement specifying why the white iPhone 4 was so slow to get out of the gate, but there’s never a shortage of rumors or speculation when Apple’s involved. According to the Cult of Mac’s Leander Kahney, who cited “a source with connections to Apple who asked to remain anonymous,” camera-performance issues were a big reason for the delay. More specifically, the iPhone’s white glass case allowed light to seep back into the body and flood the camera’s sensor, producing overexposed photos.
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US Senator Demands Privacy Policies for Smartphone

Apple and Google claim they’re doing what they can to respect user privacy on smartphones, but customers need protection from third-party app programmers, too, says one U.S. senator.
      Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) this week sent a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Larry Page demanding that the companies institute privacy policies for app makers to ensure that third-party companies are not collecting, sharing or misusing customer information.
Indeed, a number of third-party apps have been discovered to collect and share customer information unrelated to the services they provide.
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The Mythical iPhone “4S”, and iOS 5

With WWDC quickly approaching, the rumor mills are heating up with what we should expect at Apple’s annual conference known for big announcements. We’ve learned a little bit more that speaks to what to expect — including a couple of big, widely-requested things.
      First of all, a lot of sites seem to be working themselves into a tizzy about the so-called “iPhone 4S”. While it has already been widely reported that there will not be any major hardware announcements at WWDC this year, people seem to be letting their imaginations get the best of them anyway.
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iPhone 4 Encryption Remains Uncracked, but Password Keys Easy

Russian company ElcomSoft hasn’t cracked AES-256 encryption, but figured out a way to obtain the cryptographic keys necessary to decrypt all the data on Apple iOS devices.Despite the claim of the company’s CEO, that’s not quite the case.
      The publicly available ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker application provides users with the ability to view encrypted data extracted from mobile devices running Apple iOS and decode encrypted data, ElcomSoft’s CEO Vladimir Katalov wrote in a blog post May 23. The complete ElcomSoft toolkit with the decryption program will be marketed to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
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How to Protect Your iPhone

In around 20 minutes, the passcode used to encrypt all of the data on your iPhone can be discovered; ElcomSoft can access your passwords, call logs, surfing history, photos, geographic movements — and even deleted files.
      The good news is, ElcomSoft’s technique requires physical access to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The bad news is, if the attacker — the government– also has access to your installation of iTunes, the encryption can cracked almost instantaneously.
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Pioneer’s ‘AppRadio’ Coming

The space between the smartphone and the dashboard has become hot real estate (as radio managers are all too aware, given that drivers and passengers now can use apps to access content like streamed audio as an alternative to traditional radio listening).
      The device, coming in June, is described as the first in-vehicle product designed around the benefits of the iPhone and iPod — their processing power, storage capacity, network connectivity and apps– as the primary source for its information and entertainment capabilities. Why?
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WWDC ramp up after Google Wallet unveil

With the iPhone 5 in limbo and iOS 5 only expected to be previewed next month, Apple is officially behind rival Google’s Android platform in the category known as NFC.
      Unveiled this week was Google Wallet, a feature which allows Android users to use their device as a virtual wallet, swiping their phone instead of their credit card in order to pay for things. It had long been expected that Apple build NFC functionality into the iOS 5 operating system and roll out the iPhone 5 alongside it at next month’s WWDC.
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Is Apple Losing Momentum?

Apple Inc. (AAPL – Analyst Report), the most prolific growth story in the tech industry over the past 12 months, appears to be losing some steam in recent times as shares have declined approximately 4.0% since the release of its second quarter 2011 results on April 21, 2011.
      Lack of Innovative Product Launch: After launching a series of innovative products (iPod, iPhone and iPad) successfully, Apple has failed to unveil any new innovative products in recent times (barring iPad 2, which was basically an upgrade of the original version).
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