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Games InfoManager for Easter

GAMES for little children -- from the Games Infomanager

GAMES InfoManager In this issue of Games Infomanager let’s have a little fun with young children — up to kindergarten — including : Painting Easter Eggs * playing Playroom Racer * going Swipe Tap Tap * discovering The Deep Blue Kingdom * Herding those Chickens, and more!

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WOW Seamless Patterns

 Seamless Patterns - Patterno Neatbeery has rolled out Patterno 2.0 for Mac OS X. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, Patterno is a tiled pattern and background image generator with rich features affordable price and great value. It can easily generate a background for website, Twitter or MySpace page, prepare a banner background or a wallpaper for your desktop.

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Intelligent Text Editor App

 Compositions: Intelligent Text Editor App Compositions 1.01 for iOS is now available for both iOS and Mac OS X. Compositions is a multiplatform, Dropbox enabled text editor app that is focused on content creation. It features a minimalist interface, a custom file format that gives it unique features not found in other text editors, and synchronization logic built from the ground up. Using Dropbox, files are kept in sync across any number of devices that have Compositions installed.

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Create Professional Websites

 Create Professional Websites WebsitePainter, the editor for creating professional websites has just been released in version 1.4, for both Mac OS X and Windows: This release adds support for external CSS styles, Quicktime and Youtube videos, the HTML 5 audio component, improved FTP upload, and german language interface translation. Also included are two new free website templates.

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Productivity Savvy for Mac OS X

 Productivity Savvy for Mac OS X Imaja TaskInsight is a new productivity and business app for Mac OS X, providing essential task/todo list management functions including priorities, labels, color coding, sorting, drag and drop, copy and paste, undo and redo, import and export, customizable views, text-to-speech, several optional fields and many more features. Customize task lists to suit various projects.

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Pain Care

pic Apps For All, LLC has announced its selection for Caregiver App of the Month, Pain Care.

Once in a while new iPhone apps come along that portend a pivotal change in specific areas of healthcare. One such app is Pain Care, developed by Dr. Vishal Kancherla, an Interventional Physiatrist specializing in the non-operative management of lower back and neck pain. Continue reading »

The Loop Business Expo

The Loop Business Expo is a national road tour for the Apple-Based business community. The expo’s attract switchers that are looking to switch from Windows to Apple technology for their business needs. The expo is a day full of keynote speakers, seminars, round table discussions and an Exhibitor Technology Fair with over 50 manufacturers from the industry showcasing their latest business solutions for the Mac, iPhone & iPad. We also have the iZone Expo where you can meet with app developers for accessory makers for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Continue reading »

Inspiration Set for iPad

pic Jumsoft, a developer of high-quality applications for Mac OS X has announced an iPad version of its Inspiration Set application (previously known as Pages Templates). The new iPad application includes 50 beautiful and functional templates that provide plenty of creative spark for users of Pages for iPad. Continue reading »


pic SMEStorage, the multi-cloud data access company has released the first version of its Mac Cloud Tools. The Cloud Tools encompass a virtual Cloud Drive that is integrated into the Mac Desktop, a desktop to Cloud synchronization tool, and Cloud Files indexed and integrated into spotlight. Continue reading »

KansasFest 2011

pic I mentioned KansasFest last winter when I first came across the web site. They now have announced that the 22nd annual KansasFest is now open for registration. Continue reading »

TapTapTap tips

pic The blog TapTapTap, subtitled “tasty bits for your iPhone,” has a couple of interesting iPhone tip articles. The first is called “10 useful iPhone tips & tricks.” Continue reading »


pic Mudflat software has released DropSync a fast, reliable syncing tool for the Mac. Dropsync makes it easy to keep folders in sync between computers, hard drives and remote servers. It is ideal for web development, offsite backups, and keeping files in sync between work and home. Anyone who repeatedly copies or updates files will find DropSync makes their job easier. Continue reading »

iPad Infomanager 1104.11

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Well there’s bad news if your new iPad2 is held up in manufacturing. In the wake of Japan’s earthquake, parts are hard to come by. But that’s not the only news — we’ve got some eye-openers this week including : * Acer Iconia tablet undercuts Apple iPad 2 * Google turns the tablets on Apple * Apple iPad 2 on Verizon Has Data Roaming Bug Problem * Apple Develops E-Ink Hybrid Display * Selling your old iPad to an electronics reseller * Microsoft brings Bing search to Apple’s iPad * and more

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Phishing / Malware Update 1104.11

User Group Network UGN Phishing report The news over the past two weeks has revealed an increase in major players being hacked or compromised. As we’ve predicted many times before — phishing is becoming more and more dangerous …this week’s notes:
* Spear phishing: Are you cybercriminals’ next target?
* Spear Phishing: the real danger behind the Epsilon data breach
* Conde Nast scammed out of $8 million
* Mothercare becomes the latest retailer in ‘phishing’ alert
* Internet cons outpace the pros
* Mobile users more vulnerable to e-mail phishing scams
* Why we fall for phishing – and how to stop it
* Off the Hook! Who Gets Phished and Why . . . and more

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Smart Color Calculator for Mac

 Smart Color Calculator for Mac Get the latest update to Colorplex color calculator application for Mac OS X. Colorplex is a color calculator with a scalable interface that can easily transform from simple to advanced, in accordance with your needs.

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