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Tutor for Keynote

pic Noteboom Productions announced Tutor for Keynote 1.0, their latest video tutorial, now available on the Mac App store. Watch videos to learn how to use Keynote for the Mac, part of iWork for the Macintosh. The video tutorial consists of 27 video chapters on various subjects. These include using transitions, to using builds, to adding images and movies, to masking images, to using alpha channels to make colors transparent, to creating actions (movement), to securing your presentation, to sharing your presentation. Everything you need to give you best presentation using Keynote!
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iOS Guitar App

pic ChordBankPro, the popular guitar chord-finder app for iPhone and iPod touch, takes serious cues on design from Apple in its latest release, which adds support for left-handed guitarists, and what it calls ‘Smart Chords.’ Continue reading »

Messenger Map

pic Intersog Mobile, an established mobile application developer, has announced the release of Messenger Map for iPhone and Messenger Map for iPad. This ostensibly useful app allows users to share Google Maps and directions from their mobile device directly with their friends and family, all while on-the-go. To be more specific, Messenger Map gives users the power to share their route information and visual driving directions with the click of a button via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The perfect solution for coordinating reunions between friends and family, Messenger Map is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free.
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MacBundlePro has announced OS X Bundle, a 9 apps collection of powerful utilities who come with a huge 89% discount: $19.90 instead of $183 retail price. Every application in this bundle is specifically selected to extend or improve OS X funcionalities. The promotion will last until May 13th.
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It Happened Here

Mobile Surroundings LLC has announced the expansion of its catalogue for It Happened Here, a location-based app for iPhone and Android. The app lets users discover and share extraordinary information and historical facts about some of the liveliest cities in the United States. It Happened Here provides users original summaries and photos for hundreds of fascinating past events as they move about New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Continue reading »

Sony Playstation Breach

Sony Playstation Breach By now, you already know about the hack and break-in of Sony Playstation servers. Here are interesting observations from around the nets…
[] Sony PlayStation Security Breach Not a Game
[] Sony Playstation Security Breach (AUDIO)
[] Bono Mack Calls for Investigation Into Sony PlayStation Security Breach
[] Sony PlayStation security breach – how to protect yourself
[] Sony sued over PlayStation security breach and data theft
[] About That PlayStation Security Breach: Good News! Also, Bad News
[] Phil Lieberman statement on Sony PlayStation security breach

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Internet Discrimination

The Internet, as we have come to know it, is one of the ultimate forms of democracy and expression of free speech. However, as soon as we begin creating “haves” and “have-nots” in cyberspace, we turn loose of some of our freedom. Impending Threat to Technology Growth? Part 1 of 3, is by Leo Wrobel

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iPad InfoManager 1104-25

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers iPad news continues to update the slow-down progress from Asia, and new twists in the reseller market
[] Conde Nast addition of iPad magazines
[] G-Slate a powerful, but pricey iPad
[] iPhone tracking technology under fire
[] Glut Of Mint Condition iPad Trade-Ins Spurs Resales
[] RIM Needs More From Playbook To Reclaim Mobile Mojo
[] The Only Honeycomb Tablet You Should Buy
[] Inquiries Grow Over Apple’s Data Collection Practices
[] Apple Faces ‘Mother of All Backlogs’ with iPad 2
[] Students exult over new iPad tablets
… and more, in this week’s iPad InfoManager

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Safenetting Infomanager 1104.25

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report The news over the past two weeks has revealed some pretty telling info on the state or the cybercrime world. I cannot believe the statistics that as many as 72% of internet users can STILL be fooled by phishing! Amazing
This week’s notes:
[] AVG Warns About ‘Blackhole’ Attack Tool
[] Report Says Android Phone Apps Face Soaring Software Attacks
[] E-mail security: Back on the front burner
[] Tool Shows Vulnerability of Email Addresses
[] Malware Bypasses Security On 64-Bit Windows OS
[] Android Has ‘Huge’ Malware Problem
[] Gold-themed spam fishing for personal information
[] Internet Crime Fighters To Gather in Kuala Lumpur
[] Internet users still fooled by scammers
[] Web Called Vulnerable to Hacks, Malware, and Attacks
. . . and more

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iPhone InfoManager 1104-25

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers

We haven’t had an iPhone update for some time, but as iPhone 5 begins to circulate through the rumor mills, along with this tracking issue, we decided to take a look:
[] iPhone Tracking Not News, Not Unique, and Not Ominous
[] Visualizing what the iPhone 5 will look like
[] Is Samsung’s Galaxy S Really One Big iPhone Copycat?
[] IPhone Sales Help Verizon Edge Views
[] Report: Apple Sending Devs Dual-Core iPhone 4S
[] Two iPhone unlocking stores call it quits
[] Universal iPhone Unlocking Service – Apple Might Be Behind It
[] The Army Just Picked Android Over iPhone
[] Police use Apple iOS tracking data for investigations
[] Samsung counter sues Apple over iPhone, iPad
[] Next iPhone To Be A Gamer’s Delight
and more

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Henge Docks

We have had “Bookends” for sometime as a docking station for Powerbooks and iBooks and then the MacBooks and MacBookPros. Now, there is an alternative.
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Duck Duck Moose

Independent children’s app developer Duck Duck Moose has won three 2011 Parents’ Choice Awards for their mobile apps. Fish School won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Park Math won a Parents’ Choice Silver Award, and Baa Baa Black Sheep won a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award. Having won three Parents’ Choice Gold Awards in 2010, Duck Duck Moose is the only publisher that has received six Parents’ Choice Awards in the Mobile Apps category. Continue reading »

Gmail Tips

pic This article by Kristin Burnham on the Australian Macworld web site list 10 tips for using Gmail. Continue reading »

Florist Now 1.3

pic Independent developer Taha Bebek has announced Florist Now 1.3 for iOS, an update to his free app that allows users to send flowers for any occasion through the network of more than 15,000 FTD florists in the US and Canada. The app features a fully illustrated catalog of more than 400 floral arrangements and plants in 26 categories, such as: Floor Plants, Fruit Baskets, Get Well, Love & Romance, Roses, Sympathy, and Thank You. FTD guarantees same day delivery on orders placed before 1:00 PM, the recipient’s local time. Florist Now includes integration with existing names and addresses stored in Contacts, and has a built-in alert function for pre-loaded holidays and the ability to add custom alerts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Continue reading »

Tippy Tower 1.2

pic iOS apps developer company, Timaware has announced the release of Tippy Tower 1.2, an update to their mind tower building puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Tippy Tower is currently available with $0.99 for a limited time.
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