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Applied Engineering Repository

This web site is a repository for Applied Engineering files, pictures and history. As the history page says: “Applied Engineering, headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, was the leading third-party hardware vendor for the Apple II from 1979 until March 25, 1994. Continue reading »

iPad Infomanager 1103.28

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Another two weeks and the news just keeps getting better! Amazingly, I heard Kim Komando recommend iPads to three callers yesterday — a switch for her — she built her brand on Windoze but has now become a true Apple switcher! Among other news this week …
* Benefits of iPad 2 iOS 4.3
* Run Windows on your iPad???
* Samsung is betting big on Android tablets in the enterprise
* Your Solid 24kt Gold Apple iPad 2
* Little Falls schools to give iPads to students
* Apple iPad 2: The TechSpot Review
* Apple iPad 2 Gains New Real Wood Cover With Magnet Support
* 2010: The year Apple also became a chip company

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iPad iPhone now read Adobe docs

Preview Adobe Illustrator and InDesign Docs on Your iPhone and iPad For the first time, mobile users can view art files away from the office, on the road, or while meeting with clients. SneakPeek saves time and keeps creative teams connected to their artwork.

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iPad Custom Greeting Cards

 Create custom greeting cards on iPad CardsFactory HD is designed specifically for use on the iPad — this imaginative greeting card creator allows users to easily design and send personalized virtual cards to their friends, family, and loved ones for nearly any occasion.

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Video Tutorial on Pages for iPad

 Video Tutorial on Pages for iPad Noteboom Productions has launched another great Video Tutorial package — Tutor for Pages for iPad — watch videos on your Macintosh to learn how to use Pages on the iPad.Choose different video chapters to watch as you go through the video tutorial.

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Phishing / Malware Update 1103.28

User Group Network UGN Phishing report for March 28th, 2011 Our last report was on the 14th, and a lot can happen in two weeks. Among others, we were blown away by the report that spammers make 7-grand a day! Others include: * Your social media profile: Watch out for the risks
* Using Google Alerts For Reputation Management
* Could Facebook Keep Your Kid Out of College?
* The Risks of Social Media: Avoiding Disaster
* Spotify splattered with malware-tainted ads
* Web-search box at top of Facebook page may be malware
* NetQin Denies Claims That It Uploads Malware to Phones With Its Antivirus Software
* Securing against identity theft
* Spammers Make $7000 a Day
* Dvorak : The Worst Spam Filter
* ID thief sentenced to more than 16 years in prison
* and more …

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GoodReader just got better

GoodReader for iOS - Now with Auto Sync: Enhances Life on the Cloud GoodReader, named as 2010′s #2 best-selling iPad app in the U.S., is now available with an amazingly simple-to-use Auto Sync feature which enables users to download documents or entire folders from remote servers and mark them to automatically synchronize.

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Smart text editing for iPad

Smart text editing for iPad Most text editors for iPad really suck, no matter what Apple tells you. We’ve been waiting for BareBones to release BBEdit for the iPad — sadly, it just hasn’t appeared. But today, we discovered Textastic 2.1 for iPad — a plain text editor for developers and webmasters featuring syntax highlighting that rivals BBEdit!

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Cover Orange

So many of the iOS games depend on figuring out puzzles that are continuously getting more difficult. This is one of them.
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Newest Promotional Item for the iPhone

With over 50 million iPhones currently in circulation, newPCgadgets has created a promotional item for businesses looking for an advertising edge. Smartphone Coasters are sleek and attractive stainless steel stands that are ideal for company logos. The durable design ensures that Smartphone Coasters will be a desktop favorite for years to come.
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pic MeMap, has unveiled an iOS app that enables everyone to see which friends are around and what they’re up to, without any hassle. The current generation of location-based social networks make actually seeing your social network difficult and impractical in real time. MeMap’s tight integration with Facebook and Facebook Places aggregates all geo-data shared via Facebook through any location-based social network into one, easy-to-view map interface.
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Time Bomb for Mac OSX

pic iLifeTouch has announced the release of Time Bomb 1.0 for Mac OS X. Time Bomb introduces a new way of keeping time. Set an alarm or countdown timer in dramatic fashion with Time Bomb. Pick the time and Time Bomb will simply do the rest, from counting down the last minute to exploding and notifying you of an important event in your life.
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Yi Jing – Book of Changes 2.3

pic Flat Earth Studio has announced another major update for Yi Jing, with more new features and new book content for additional purchase, including “The I Ching: The book to turn to for Wisdom and Guidance” by Michael Hurn with Claire Hurn, published by Strategic / Eloquent Books.
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Tracker for Facebook 1.0.2

Amunsol, the developers of Tracker for Facebook Pro, has released their latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a new application lets users see a map and a list view of their Facebook friends’ locations in real-time and via Facebook Places Check-Ins. Users are able to also send messages with smileys, hide their location and tracking history and more. Tracker for Facebook also offers the unique capability of being able to view friends in a camera augmented reality.
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iPad 2 – Worth the wait in line?

George Engel, the original Mac fanaticGeorge Engel lets us follow along as he and his wife brave the Orlando Apple store in a quest for the new iPad 2 on opening day …

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