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IDGIDG Connect with e-Editor Kasey Cassells send in these three white papers to fill you in on upcoming issues that will effect Social Media on the web * New Paper Explains ROI of Social Media * Security: 2011 Survey Reveals Latest Social Media Threats * 2013: Gartner Shows the Future is Social CRM. Download to read, but registration is required.

In the Global Roundup this week is a social media special. You’ll find tips on calculating the return on investment of social media, a 2011 threat report and a paper on the importance of social CRM. A recent Gartner report claims that by 2013, spending on social software is set to reach $1billion. Do you agree that social CRM is set to rise?

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Protection Against Accidental Data Loss

Unblunder 1.0 released - Instant Protection Against Accidental Data Loss Yazsoft understands that everyone screws up from time to time. Unblunder, their new application for Mac OS X, gives you the chance to redeem yourself. Have you ever sent something to the Trash and emptied it only to realize moments later… oopz? We all have and it can happen to anyone. Unblunder to the rescue!

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A Guide to Things eMail on the Net…

This web page contains links to “Things eMail.” The web site itself seems to concentrate on Mac OS X and UNIX, but this particular page also talks about spam, anti-virus, mail on mobile phones, UCE Filtering, security, serving, hosting mailing lists and more.
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I never paid a lot of attention to MacMost, even though I downloaded its iPhone app last fall when I first got my first iPhone.
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MailMate 1.0 Released

pic Freron Software has announced the release version 1.0 of a new Mac OS X email client. Aimed at power users, MailMate optimizes the workflow when dealing with large amounts of email. MailMate has state-of-the-art searching capabilities which is also used to provide advanced Smart Mailbox features. The encouraged workflow in MailMate is to handle each incoming email by either archiving or deleting it. Smart mailboxes can then be used to automatically organize emails based on any message header of any message body part.
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Cars iManager 1.3

pic KiwiObjects has announced the release of Cars iManager 1.3, on the iTunes AppStore for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cars iManager allows to easily store everything related to your vehicles: administrative information, insurance, fuel or care expenses, mileage of the next maintenance, technical inspections, as well as the information related to your favorite service providers (garages, assistance, specialized shops, etc.).
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iFinance Mac App

iFinance Mac App Synium Software has released iFinance 3.2.5 on the Mac App Store. iFinance is a well-renowned personal financing software for Mac OS X. Start recording your income and expenses right now, be it a coffee during lunch break or a brand new car – finally, you’ll get a clear overview of what exactly you spend your money for.

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Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Tablet

I’ve been using a Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet for a couple of years now and I love it! It’s so much faster than using my Mouse to get around. In Photoshop, it’s just a speed-demon and really cuts my time down. The precision is awesome. It makes using my mouse feel like I’m working with a brick.

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BackJack Online Backup for Mac

pic Synectics Business Solutions, Inc., developer and provider of the BackJack(TM) Online Backup Service for Macintosh, has announced the availability of a 4 GB Free Account to complement its well-established business service.
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New iCal Alternative

New iCal Alternative with Novel UI and Faster Event Creation A new iCal alternative called Caliander was released at the opening of the Mac App Store on Jan 6th. It is the first release from indie developer Little Marauder. Caliander has a novel timeline based UI, faster event creation using common english descriptions, and a global keyboard shortcut for adding events from anywhere and at any time. Since it uses the same calendar database as iCal, it syncs just as usual, and there is no need to migrate old calendars.

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Toast is ready – Shoot it

 Toast Shooter HD update for iPad: Toast is ready - Shoot it Stefan Preuss has launched another of those killer games — Toast Shooter HD 1.2 for Apple’s iPad. Toast Shooter is a fun arcade style tap-the-right-item type of game. The cute graphics and the easy game play makes Toast Shooter a great game for all ages.

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Adobe CS5 Design Premium – How To’s

If you have Adobe’s Creative Suite 5, this is a cool book for only $30.00 from Adobe. If you only have Photoshop CS5, save your money; as this 345 page book will have slightly less than fifty pages for you, and only eleven pages on Bridge. This is a CS5 Premium Suite book, folks.

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Spam & Malware InfoManager 1102-14

User Group Network UGN Phishing report for February 14th, 2011 By now, just about everyone knows about online crime, spam, phishing and identity theft. But the cybercrime tactics are changing every day — stay alert — This issue includes :
* How to Make Your Google Account More Secure
* New Phishing Tactic Emerges: Domain Name System Hijacking
* How to prevent the Internet from failing
* Night Dragon Cyber-Attack Unsophisticated but Effective
* IRS warns taxpayers about phishing scams
* Phishing email and web-borne malware: How to secure your data against blended threats
* Cyber Criminals Attack Through DNS Hijacking
* Rustock shutdown cuts spam volumes in January

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking: We Promise You Won't DieErik Deckers and Kyle Lacy cover everything you need to know about public speaking, from learning how not to burst into flames from nervousness to identifying speaking opportunities to actually giving your talk.

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TV to Internet

Do you want to stream movies or download music to your home TV? You’ll have a lot of options to consider when choosing the right equipment for your family’s needs (Apple TV, Google TV, and Roku to name a few).

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