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InfoManager Holiday Message

Lynn & Fred's Holiday MessageThis issue wraps up another great year for Infomanager! We’ve enjoyed bringing you more than 400 new content items in the UGN library. Our ‘updates’ and ‘collections’ like Games, iPad, iPhone, etc., represent nearly 2,000 news bursts with links. It’s been a busy year and we sincerely hope you have enjoyed some benefits from the last 50 weeks of InfoManager.

Fred and I send our very best wishes for this holiday season
– and urge you to be safe, and
remember others with generosity!

Here’s to your health and prosperity in 2012
… we’ll see you back here in the pages of Infomanager beginning in January, with your InfoManager email Newsletter arriving in January, 2012.

Lynn & Fred

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Holiday iPad Update

Holiday iPad Update Hope you have a new iPad under the tree this year? So, here are some headlines you may want to chase :
* Nokia sues Apple for breach of patent
* Apple Pushes Color E-Books for iPad with iBooks 1.2
* iPad Leads Tablet March Into Businesses
* Skyfire brings Adobe Flash to iPad
* Technology of the Year: Apple’s iPad
* Apple ‘iPad app of the year’ adds Google Reader, Flickr content
* Corporate Espionage & Insider Trading: Apple iPad & iPhone Secrets Leak
* Surprise, surprise: Apple’s iPad expected to dominate tablets into 2012
* Meet TweetMag – A Whole New Twitter Experience for Your iPad
* and more

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Cybercrime Report closes 2010

DO NOT CLICK ... for web safety   Malware, hacking, phishing and cybercrime reports for the end of 2010. Of course we’ll be back in 2011 — it’s forecasted to be the worst year yet for cybercrime. Here’s what we found this week:
* Malware is Eyeing Your Smart Device
* Smartphone users warned of malware threat
* Google adds hacked site notifications to search results
* e-card Malware
* 2011: The Year of Malware Attacks
* Wikileaks DDoS of Spamhaus: Political Activism at Its Dumbest
* 5 Security predictions for 2011
* Cybercriminals Use Amazon Shipping Scam to Deliver Malware
* Pro-WikiLeaks hackers may be hard for U.S. to pursue
* and more

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DTP Upgrades from Zevrix

Art Optimizer for Adobe Illustrator Zevrix Solutions sends ongoing info about various product upgrades, even if it’s just a minor upgrade. However, these productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Suite software are important programs for creative professionals. So here are key new releases:

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SkyGroceries 1.0 for iPhone

pic SkyGroceries is a simple yet powerful grocery list application for iPhone. It provides all the desired features for going grocery shopping efficiently (large collection of products, autosuggest search, multiple shopping lists, list sorting by aisle or manually), but more important, it leaves out those unnecessary features that clutter other grocery list applications.
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10 Useful Mac Apps for Mac Users and Power-Users

This article on Woo-Woo Mac says it has ten Mac applications and add-ons that are useful right after they are installed. Plus, they offer additional capabilities for power-users who want to use their advanced features. These are applications every Mac user – novice or power-user – should have on their Mac.
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Drawing Pad 2.0

pic Version 1 of Drawing Pad was launched one day before the iPad hit store shelves. During those last eight months, Drawing Pad has been translated into 8 additional languages, and has consistently stayed near the top of the iTunes charts all over the world. Featured in the NY Times, USA Today and recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award at Childrens’ Tech review, Drawing Pad enjoyed both early success and long term user loyalty as each new version of Drawing Pad adds more value added features.
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Snap a Photo with Your Fav Celeb

Start-up app developer Undaunted Apps has just released Celebritize! for iPhone and iPod touch 4G devices. With Celebritize!, users can snap photos of themselves and their friends with their favorite celebrities anytime, anywhere. This unique and innovative app, priced at just $.99, includes four to eight poses of the featured celebrity. Celebritize! is the first app put out by start up app developer Undaunted Apps and partner PocketMac.
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As you know, Apple introduced AirPrint with iOS 4.2.1 last month. Now printing is much easier than ever. However, only 11 or 12 current printers are compatible with AirPrint per Apple. While HP has announced that they will soon have another 10 printers that are compatible, it doesn’t help those of us who don’t really want to buy a new printer. Printopia adds a virtual printer, allowing you to save print-outs to your Mac as PDF files sends them to Dropbox or to a printer connected to the Macintosh.
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Wikileaks questions

The recent Katie Couric interview with Julian Assange of Wikileaks prompted me to ask some questions about journalism, the internet, and the difference between right and wrong Continue reading »

A bit of Christmas history

George Engel - Christmas History Few and far between are the denizens of the industrialized world who can escape the secular trappings of the Christmas season, perhaps best exemplified by Santa Claus and his loyal team of nine enchanted (or, at least, telekinetic) reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph — the latter also sporting the superpower of a hyper-illuminated red nose.

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Avoid Displaying Junk Mail

Robin Williams and John Tollett John Tollet Robin Williams and John Tollett bring you this tip from Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Peachpit Learning Series

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OS X : Safely Store Text

Book ExcerptTHIS slick trick is excerpted from Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials v10.6: A Guide to Supporting and Troubleshooting Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard by Kevin M. White. In this chapter, you will examine the storage technology used by Mac OS X.

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Geek Holiday Songs

Geek HolidayThe holidays give us a chance to hear some of our favorite old familiar songs, and this year, in the spirit of all things tech, Jennifer L. Jacobson has taken a stab at a few classics, in the hopes that throngs of joyous carolers will herd around, outside big-box stores, and in the glens and doorways of towns everywhere, to sing the tech-version of holiday standbys. Enjoy.

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iPhone: Cut, Copy, and Paste

Terry WhiteTerry White and Scott Kelby tell you everything you need to know about using the Safari web browser on your iPhone. Here’s a free chapter, and some tip from the book! Continue reading »