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iPad Info Manager

iPad news from UGNN InfoManagerJust when you thought you’d spring for a new iPad, news of iPad 2 starts heating up the rumor mills and blog channels. To buy or not to buy. I have a plan: buy one now, give it to the kids in April, and get an iPad 2 then! Good plan!
* iPad 2 Coming in April?
* iPad 2 To Feature Carbon Fiber Chassis?
* iPad 2 release date, specs: Rumor roundup
* iPad 2 expected to have 2 Cameras and USB Port
* Apple iPad Tops Kids’ Wish List this Season
* Apple’s iOS 4.2 a ‘milestone’ update for iPad, iPhone
* Apple iPad 4.2 and 4.2.1 Mute Sound Problem
* Acer Challenges Apple’s IPad, Unveils Three Tablet Computers
* Richard Branson to launch magazine for Apple’s iPad
* BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2: The Results Are In

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iPhone Info Manager

iPhone Info Manager from UGNNAlthough iPad is stealing much of the wind from iPhone’s sails – iPhone is still hot in the rumor mills and press …
* Steve Jobs doll withdrawn from market
* Apple Bans Android Magazine App From iPhone App Store
* Apple Rejecting Single-Station Radio iPhone Apps
* Verizon iPhone Will Help Apple Compete
* Sony Reader Android, iPhone App Coming
* Japan IPhone Craze Attracts Global App Developers
* How to format video for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad
* How To Find Your Lost iPhone For Free
* Turn Your iPhone 4 into Gesture-Based Controller
* Q&A: Make the iPhone Screen Stop Spinning

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Finding an Apple User Group

apple user group resourcesUser Groups are organizations created by people interested in sharing information about their computers and what they can accomplish with the help of digital technology. User groups are about the technology, but also about the friendships that result. Continue reading »

UGN Salutes OMUG

The Ocala Macintosh User Group The Ocala Macintosh User Group is located in the rolling hills horse country of Ocala, Florida, about 75 miles northwest of Orlando. Continue reading »

Thanksgiving Day Games

awesome games for the iPad, iPhone, iPods, and Mac You might enjoy spending time with these and the little folks in your life … all selections today are beneficial for both the kids and the parents :
* Do you remember Fraggle Rock?
* Magic Goldfish – Children’s Interactive Storybook
* TeachMe: 1st Grade for iOS
* Discover Musical Instruments
* Welcome Santa Mega Pack

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Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred

David Erik Nelson Snip, Burn, Solder, ShredKids today are just as likely to be interested in electronics as they are in soccer. So what’s a parent to do with a kid who’d rather solder than run laps? How can parents really keep geeky kids entertained, without spending yet another afternoon in front of the glowing rectangle of a TV or computer monitor?

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Defend that Diet

Coinciding with the large intake of calories during the Thanksgiving holidays, Apps Capital has slashed the price of Diet Defense HD 1.0, their popular iPad game. Diet Defense HD incorporates tower defense strategy with a war against junk food. Continue reading »

3D Terrain Modeling for iOS

Independent programmer Andrew Garrison has released Touch Island 1.0 for iOS, his 3D modeling and rendering app that enables the user to create a photo-realistic island surrounded by ocean. Sculpting mountains, valleys, and lakes is accomplished using a single finger. An auto-color function assigns shading by altitude, or color may be applied manually. Continue reading »

Touchscreens for Macs

Troll TouchTroll Touch, the leading manufacturer of custom touchscreen solutions for Apple computers and displays today announced two new additions to its Mac product offering.

The first, an internally integrated, high resolution, analog resistive touchscreen overlay and controller system that replaces the sheet glass that is installed on the display when purchased from Apple.

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FBI: Scams to Watch Out For This Holiday

DO NOT CLICK ... for web safety   You receive a text message or an automated phone call on your cell phone saying there’s a problem with your bank account. You’re given a phone number to call or a website to log into and asked to provide personal identifiable information—like a bank account number, PIN, or credit card number—to fix the problem.

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Zen Artist for iPad

Zen ArtistEagle Inc. has rolled out Zen Artist 1.0 for iPad. The famous drawing tool in Japan released in US. With Zen Artist for iPad, you can draw beautiful art, like Van Gogh. Like a Romance, your finger will be the magic brush that creates many beautiful paintings.

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iPad Photo Delight

Photo Delight for the iPad Photo Delight for the iPad — is one of those fun and feature-enriched color splash application for the iPad that you just can’t seem to resist. Continue reading »

Malware, Phishing update

DO NOT CLICK ... for web safety   Malware, hacking, phishing and cybercrime is growing with news stories and new online attractions. Here’s what we found this week:
* News about royal engagement leads to malware
* Malware pushers lure victims with leaked Harry Potter movie screener
* ‘New Password’ Phishing Scam Email Targets Facebook Users
* The 10 Most Unsafe Facebook Pages
* BlackHat SEO Poisons the Web
* Cyber security by the numbers
* Online Fraud — Consumer Protection Revealed
* Sophos publishes list of Mac attacks
* Bogus help desk victimizing plenty of online users
* Is your enterprise winning the war against malware?

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LEGO Mindstorms NXT-G Programming

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-GThe LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-G programming language is a powerful tool that allows users to create custom programs for LEGO robots. But every programming language has its challenges, and NXT-G is no exception.

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Choosing the Best Web Browser

Web Geek's Guide to Google ChromecoverDon’t settle with the browser that came preinstalled, such as Internet Explorer in Windows or Safari in Mac OS X. Eric Geier shows you that you have choices!

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