16 things to do when setting up your Mac

This article first posted last April on MacYourself talks about what you should do first on your new Mac.

It starts out: “A lot of new Mac users are so excited & overwhelmed by their purchases that they don’t even know where to start. While Macs do come out of the box ready to go, a little configuration here and a few applications there goes a long way.”

I find this list to be pretty good:

1. Run Software Update – Software Update right off the bat will get your Mac off to a good start. Do it a few times, too, because some updates are only available after you install other ones.
2. Enable right-click
3. Show the full date in the menu bar
4. Set up Exposé and Spaces
5. Turn on the firewall
6. Set up Time Machine
7. Install Firefox
8. Install Glims for Safari (Glims is new for me, I am going to have to check it out. – lcw)
9. Install Flip4Mac WMV
10. Install Perian
11. Install VLC Player
12. Install Handbrake (rips DVD)
13. Install Chax or Adium – Chax is an add-on that opens Apple’s instant messaging program up to a slew of new features. Adium is an open source alternative.
14. Install Growl – a notification system that a ton of popular Mac applications support.
15. Install StuffIt Expander
16. Delete unused languages and architectures

Of course, on the page not only is there more detail, but links to the software and tutorials.
See it all here: http://www.macyourself.com/2010/04/28/new-to-mac-top-16-things-to-do-when-first-setting-up-your-mac/


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