64 Things Every Geek Should Know

This is a UK website, so it is interesting that the requirements for a tech geek aren’t different.
It starts off with a geek knowing the Meaning of Technical Acronyms such as:
USB, GPU, CPU, SATA and more.

Some others are:

2. How to Reset RAM
4. Surf the Web Anonymously
5. Bypass a Computer Password on All Major Operating Systems
6. Find a Users IP Address on AIM
7. Hide a File Behind a JPEG
9. Monitor Network Traffic
11. Retrieve Data off Hard Drive
14. Replace a Laptop Keyboard
15. Rip Streaming Videos
21. Hexadecimal and Binary Number Systems
25. Running an Operating System from a USB Thumb Drive
29. How to Survive in a Linux Argument
30. Identify Major Constellations
33. Javascript
37. Tethering a Smartphone
38. Wiring a Home Theater System
42. Keyboard Shortcuts
43. Soldering Glasses Together “Nerds use tape on broken glasses; geeks use solder.”
47. How to Mod a Flash Drive Case
49. Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Audio Files
52. Set Up a Streaming Media Server
53. Setting up a VPN
56. Play Retro Games without Retro Consoles
60. Adding a Third Monitor
62. Flash System BIOS
63. How to Irrecoverably Protect Data
64. The Fastest way to Kill a Computer

So how many of these can you do? The website not only lists these, but also explains how you can do most of them.

See it here: http://caintechnews.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/64-things-every-geek-should-know/

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