Does Mac have a Virus?

After April’s rumblings of the iBotNet virus attacking Macs, which got little or no press, those of us on the frontlines knew is was basically a hoax Trojan that infected a very small number of Macs. This week, Bob Levitus wrote for The Chronicle, putting the situation in perspective saying “Virus’ isn’t what you’ve heard it is”

Does Mac have a Virus?

Dr. Mac writes:

Unfortunately, other sources including CNN and Fox News have carried similar misinformation. Let me try to set the record straight. First: The so-called virus that raised a ruckus in the news in late April isn’t a virus at all. Rather, it’s a Trojan horse known as OSX.Trojan.iServices.A (sometimes referred to as iBotNet). While this may be splitting hairs, a Trojan horse is not a virus.

He further explains that the malicious content was found only in bootleg copies of Apple’s iWork ’09 productivity suite and Adobe Photoshop CS4 found on BitTorrent

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CNet predicts Apple will recommend security software

Jon Oltsik specializes in analysis and predictions. He writes:

Within the next 18 months, Apple will begin recommending that Macintosh users install Internet security software on all systems. I realize that this statement is blasphemy to dedicated Mac users, so let me start with a few qualifying statements. I am not comparing Mac OS with Windows, or Apple with Microsoft, and my prediction should not be interpreted as an attack on Apple, its developers, or the security of its code.

He further postulates that Mac attacks will increase precipitously over the next year, citing a few reasons why
* Macs users are a lucrative target.
* Organized cybercrime is diversifying.
* Macs are growing in the enterprise.
* Macs are fairly easy to hack.

This is an informative and revealing article — one which is, sorry Dr. Mac, cause for some concern.

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