Once you get past Safari and Firefox, there is a long list of alternative browsers for the Mac. Camino is one of those and is well known as one of the fastest. The lastest version is 1.6.6.

The new features are:

Toolbar Search Improvements
One of the most requested features has been the ability to easily customize the toolbar search field. Camino 1.6 now includes an editor that allows deleting, renaming, and reordering search engines.

Streamlined Find Interface
Camino 1.6 removes the Find panel and replaces it with a simple, unobtrusive Find toolbar that appears near the bottom of the browser window.

Tabbed Browsing Improvements
Camino 1.6 includes a scrolling tab bar.

Software Update
Updating to the latest version of Camino is even easier than ever with Camino’s new auto-update feature.

AppleScript Support
Camino now includes enhanced AppleScript support.

Keychain Support
In addition to saving logins and passwords in the Mac OS X Keychain, Camino 1.6.6 can now store information for multiple accounts in the Keychain.

Feed Detection
Camino supports the detection of RSS/Atom feeds in web pages. When a feed is found, an icon appears in the location bar. Clicking that icon and selecting a feed will send the feed to your default Mac OS X feed reader.

Camino includes the built-in Mac OS X spell-checker on every text field. Unlike Firefox, this spell-checker is the same one used throughout Mac OS X.

Session Saving
Camino includes support for “session saving”, or optionally remembering what pages you were visiting when you quit and automatically loading them the next time you start.

Annoyance Blocking
Camino includes an elegant built-in pop-up blocker as well as built-in adblocking, which keeps even the busiest Web sites free of advertisements. Camino’s pop-up blocker gives you the option to show the pop-up, whitelist the site, or never get prompted again. Additionally, Camino includes the ability to keep Flash animation from loading until you’re ready (Flashblock) as well as the ability to disable Java.

Open Source
The Camino Project is proud to say that our product is 100% open-source software.

It is a Universal application and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and 50 MB free hard drive space

Download Camino here: