Mac Manuals & Take-apart guides

As anyone who has worked on Macs for any length of time can attest, some Macs are very difficult to take apart. It seems that over the years Apple has alternated from trying to make computers easy to work on to make them into appliances that no one would want to work on.

Darryl’s Mac Manuals & Take-apart guides tells you how to do it.

Here is what he covers:

Power PC Macs
* eMac – 700/800MHz (NVidia graphics) (5Mb pdf file )
* eMac – 800MHz/1GHz (ATI Graphics) (8.5Mb pdf file)
* eMac – 1.25GHz/1.42GHz (ATI Graphics) (7Mb pdf)
* iBook G4 (12.1 inch) (4Mb pdf file)
* iBook Opaque 16VRAM (4.6Mb pdf file)
* iMac – Slot loader (11.5Mb pdf file)
* iMac – Slot loader – new hard drive (.jpg’s)
* iMac – Tray loader (9.3Mb pdf file)
* iMac – G4 flat panel (17″) (17Mb pdf file)
* iMac – 500/700 motherboard (.jpg’s and info)
* Mini – motherboard (.jpg’s)
* Mini – Service Manual (21.5Mb pdf file)
* Powerbook – G3 (Pizmo) (8.3Mb pdf file)
* PowerMac – G3 (Blue & White) (10Mb pdf file)
* PowerMac – G4 (11.5Mb pdf file)
* PowerMac – G4 Cube (2.9Mb pdf file)
* PowerMac – G5 (6.5Mb pdf file)

Intel Macs
* MacMini – Service Manual (13.7Mb pdf)
* MacMini – Motherboard (.jpg)
* iMac – Service Manual (14.4Mb)
* Macbook – Service Manual (43.5Mb)
* Macbook Pro -Service Manual (30.8Mb)

Other stuff
* Apple Error Codes (248k pdf file)
* See Steve Jobs launch the original 1984 Apple Macintosh

Of course there are other sites that give many of these, but these are pretty easy to get.

Check it out here.