Free Apple Mail Stationery

Are you looking for additional Stationery for your copy of Apple Mail? Here is a web site with 17 potential formats. I say potential, because I was unable to get one to work with Mail.

List of stationery:

Treasure Map – Arrrrr! An eMail Template for Pirates!
Wood Block – A woodgrained plaque theme
Blanc – A simple white ribbon theme
Flora – A floral theme
Rings – A modern and abstract theme
Brushed – Brushed aluminum theme in remembrence of earlier OS X days
Geek – Old school
On The Road – A travel theme
The Path – A nature inspired theme
Deco – A theme inspired by the Art Deco era
Simple Flow – A modern theme
Liquid Ice – An abstract H2O theme
Fire – A dark fire-inspired theme
Onyx – An abstrack black theme
Ruby – An abstrack red theme
Emerald – An abstract green theme

In the side bar, he even tells you how to load the new stationery.

Get it here.