30 Apps to Run your Business By

Back in the mid ’80s, I founded the Macintosh Business SIG at the Boston Computer Society. We concentrated more than necessary on accounting programs. There really wasn’t much of other software available in those days. In this article, Josh Pigford of the Apple Blog has named 30 applications and some alternatives to use in running your business.

Additionally, there are 82 comments that offer even more alternatives.

Time Tracking & Invoicing
1) On The Job – Simple time tracking and invoicing
2) Studiometry – Full-featured time tracking, invoice, and client management.
3) Billings – Billings is another full-featured time tracking and invoicing program
4) QuickBooks – No real time tracking abilities, but has an invoicing system.

Then he lists some web alternatives:
1) Blinksale – Straightforward invoicing.
2) Harvest – Solid time tracking (OS X Widget included). Prices

Other topics include:
Money Managment, Commuications, Project Management, Contact Management and Miscellaneous Tools.

Most of these are professional programs and do cost dollars, but others are inexpensive or free.

See the full article and comments here.