iPhoto Card Design Tips

Ever conscious of brand recognition, Apple prints its logo on the back of greeting cards produced in iPhoto. If you’d rather not provide the free advertising,

The definitive iLife book shows you how…

Click the Settings button and uncheck the box labeled include Apple logo on back of card.

… that’s just one of the hundreds of tips you’ll find in
coverThe Macintosh iLife 08
By Jim Heid

The definitive iLife reference, completely updated and revised!

The Macintosh iLife ’08 is a lavishly illustrated handbook packed with easy-to-follow instructions, essential technical background, and tips for iLife users of all levels. Now in its sixth edition, it’s the world’s top-selling iLife book.

* Create a digital media center with Apple TV and your widescreen TV set
* Improve your photography and video-shooting techniques
* Produce spectacular slide shows, photo books, calendars, and greeting cards
* Refine your photos to perfection with iPhoto’s new editing tools
* Share photos via email, .Mac Web Gallery, DVD slide shows, and more
* Assemble a video library with the all-new iMovie
* share your creations on YouTube
* Record and arrange your own music with GarageBand
* Create and publish your own Web sites, blogs, and podcasts
* Preserve the past: digitize old records, photos, and movies

The book: Each two-page spread is a self-contained tutorial or set of tips. Everything you need is at your fingertips, and every page is updated for iLife ’08, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the iPhone, and latest iPods.

The Web site: Get updates, tips, and much more at this book’s companion Web site, www.macilife.com.